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Hi, my name is Atanas Paskalev! Situated in Liverpool, I am a seasoned photographer boasting an extensive portfolio cultivated over two decades. My expertise spans a diverse array of photography projects, encompassing events, property and interior, drone, product, food, sports, corporate, headshots, and beyond. I am equipped with high-end cameras and accessories tailored to each photographic endeavor, including a mobile studio and green screen.


My operational flexibility and mobility extend across the entire country, catering to an esteemed clientele ranging from small to medium-sized businesses, national agencies, and blue-chip companies. Among my distinguished clientele are renowned brands such as 2M Corporation, John Murphy, Eurovision, Hilton, Novotel, AirBnB, as well as charitable organisations like Nugent, Alder Hey Children’s Charity, Owen McVeigh Foundation, and more.


With unwavering dedication and professionalism, I invest meticulous care into every project I undertake. While I exhibit proficiency across diverse genres, my genuine passion lies in the realms of watch photography and haute cuisine photography.


Originally hailing from Bulgaria, where I commenced my career, I made the transition to the UK in 2018. Fluent in English, Bulgarian, Russian, and Czech, I bring a multilingual dimension to my interactions. Outside of my professional pursuits, I am blessed with a loving family, two wonderful children, and a delightful French Bulldog. My personal interests span from squash and fishing to snowboarding, reflecting a diverse range of hobbies that enrich my life.

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